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We are Zach and Jody Gray, and after going through the struggle of building and creating our own 6-figure photography brand over a 7 year period, we found out just how hard it really was to manage it all. 

We found out that MOST of what we ended up doing was not photography, but rather it was tasks, emails, writing contracts, following up with leads, building relationships and marketing. 

And it was all overwhelming. 

We built an incredible client experience system that got us high-paid clients (making us $10,000 a wedding) and lots of referrals, but executing that process was insanely time consuming and hard. 

That is why we decided to build ShootFlow. ShootFlow takes that system and puts it all logical order and makes it incredibly simple to use, and takes just minutes a day. 

Now any photographer can use the same model that all the top photographers use to WOW their clients and build a great brand. 

Thank-you for considering ShootFlow. We built it for YOU, and we are here to help you achieve your photography dreams. 

-Zach and Jody Gray
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Follow renowned photographers and creators of ShootFlow, Zach & Jody Gray as they shoot an entire REAL wedding, 
showcasing all the tools they have learned over the last 10 years that has allowed them to 
build an extremely successful wedding business with beautiful imagery. 

This ENTIRE 5 hour eCourse with LIFETIME access is included with every one year subscription! 

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