We give you a complete workflow ready to use that manages your ENTIRE client experience. 
  • Capture Leads: Using our integrated (and customizable) contact form.
  • Send Contracts: We INCLUDE our professionally written contract ready to send!
  •  Get Paid: We use Paypal and Stripe and give you auto-reminders for clients on payment plans! 
  •  WOW Your Clients: ShootFlow gives you easy to-do's and task that not only WOW your clients, but EVERYONE working the event you are shooting. 
  •  Made BY photographers FOR photographers: Other companies are for "solo-preneurs" but ShootFlow is designed to solve the unique problems photographers face. 
  •  30 Minutes to Start Using ShootFlow: You heard that right! Because we GIVE you the entire workflow (which is completely customizable) it only takes minutes to get it working! 
Message from the Creators of ShootFlow
Zach, Jody, Jax, London, Ember & Phoenix
We are Zach and Jody Gray, and after going through the struggle of building and creating our own 6-figure photography brand over a 7 year period, we found out just how hard it really was to manage it all. 

We found out that MOST of what we ended up doing was not photography, but rather it was tasks, emails, writing contracts, following up with leads, building relationships and marketing. 

And it was all overwhelming. 

We built an incredible client experience system that got us high-paid clients (making us $10,000 a wedding) and lots of referrals, but executing that process was insanely time consuming and hard. 

That is why we decided to build ShootFlow. ShootFlow takes that system and puts it all logical order and makes it incredibly simple to use, and takes just minutes a day. 

Now any photographer can use the same model that all the top photographers use to WOW their clients and build a great brand. 

Thank-you for considering ShootFlow. We built it for YOU, and we are here to help you achieve your photography dreams. 

-Zach and Jody Gray
Meet Some Of Our Users
"ShootFlow is one of the BEST business investments I've made!! I usually only do 10 weddings but due to ShootFlow, I now have 16 booked for this year and am right on track with no stress!" 
-Amanda Jesse Johnson
Don't Take It From Us...
"Shoot Flow has been a life saver for my (Amy) crazy brain. Using this system has completely stream lined our client booking process and all the way down until the wedding photos are delivered. I love that Zach and Jody work in giving gifts and make the relationship such a BIG part of the process. Getting notifications for what process we are in the planning is so helpful. You can trust that you wont forget any part of your clients experience with you. This system is a MUST for your photography business! "
Your Life Called, It Misses You. 
Do you struggle to run the business because there is so much to do, and you would rather be out shooting amazing images instead of managing tasks and contracts and payments? 

  • Stop Writing Every Email Every Time: This time suck will kill your passion!
  • Stop Letting Your Business Happen To You: Finally Take Charge To Do What You Love
  • Stop Doing So Little For Your Clients: Don't They Deserve More?  
  • Stop Feeling Like You Don't Run a "Real" Business: You Do! 
  • Stop Getting Buried in Tasks and To-Do's: Running Your Own Business Should Create Freedom! 
Managing and Growing a Photography Business is HARD WORK...
With every photo gig you book, you have a thousand things to do, like: 
Track Potential Clients 
(Leads Workflow) 
Create Contracts & Payments 
(Get Booked & Paid!) 
Send Follow up Emails 
(and LOTS of them!)  
Manage Tasks, To DO's & Reminders (and more) 
ShootFlow makes the hard stuff easy! 
We built all of this INTO the ShootFlow system, all ready to use! 
Just click a few buttons to run your entire business! 
The Work is Done, and Set-Up is Fast... 
Just 30 Minutes to get started! 
Setting up and using ShootFlow takes just 3 simple steps...
1. Get the Free Trial
Three Weeks free on us!  
No risk to try it. 
It's free! Just give it a try! 
It's free! Just give it a try! 
2. Go Through our SIMPLE 
Set-Up Wizard
This takes about 30 minutes 
to complete. 
3. Add our "Flow" to 
your clients! 
ShootFlow now tells you what to do next each day! No more guessing!
-Learn More about how ShootFlow Works-
Super-Power Your Questionnaire and 
Auto-Populate Your Timelines! 
We GIVE You The Questionnaire

Sending a well-thought out questionnaire gives you the ability to control the ENTIRE wedding day and get connected to every single vendor. 

Simply Push The Button

Instantly convert your questionnaire into the timeline with one click of the magic button. 

NEVER Write Another Email. 
We Built The House, You Arrange The Furniture 

Use them right out of the box, or make them your own! 

55 Pre-Written Emails Built-In To Your Workflow! 

Saying what needs to be said, precisely WHEN it needs to be said, and making your entire flow stay on task at all times. 

Start To Finish Set-Up In 30 Minutes Or Less...
Other solutions take DAYS or even WEEKS to set-up. Your time is better spent shooting and making money.
You Need Time Back, Not More Time Spent 

Our set-up wizard holds your hand, and walks you step-by-step to get it set up and running your whole business fast. 

Never Pay A Set-Up Fee

You don't have to go school, get a degree, or pay insane fees since our set up is easy, and the ENTIRE system is ready to use! 

Learn More About ShootFlow! 
Is ShootFlow Right For Me? 

and need a timeout?

...Feel like you are drowning in your business and overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done for your Clients, then ShootFlow is for you.

...Don’t have the time to stop your life and get a system together for all of your Wedding Clients, then ShootFlow is for you. 

...Want a place to manage all of your other Client types with ease (portrait, commercial, etc.), then ShootFlow is for you.

...Are a newer photographer don’t know what you SHOULD be doing for your Wedding Clients and desperately need guidance so you can focus on what you love, then ShootFlow is for you.

...Want to use a system that has been tested and PROVEN to work so referrals begin to generate for your brand from Clients and Vendors, then ShootFlow is for you.
Here Is What A Few More Of Our Users Are Saying...

LOVE the is so easy and has taken me less than 20 minutes!
- Nik & Dana, Ilo Photography

ShootFlow is pretty much a 6-figure income making machine in your laps!!! All you have to do is show up and shoot!!
- Luke & Ashley, Luke & Ashley Photography

Zach and Jody's systems and tools helped us grow our business into one of the most profitable brands in the country." 
- Luke and Cat Neumayr, Luke & Cat Photography

Very clean and intuitive and simple. This pretty much runs your business for you.
- Andrew, Andrew & Tianna Photography

This is the studio management system I have been longing for ... The content is clean and easy to use. There are new ideas presented in the flow that will set your business apart. I see this as a must-have tool for growth, productivity, and work-life balance.
- Manda, Manda Weaver Photography

ShootFlow will help educate and inspire so many photographers to excel in their field, and I love how it then provides the tools to make it happen!
- Nathan & Breanna, Avodah Photography and Design

My first impression of ShootFlow was "wow!" To have a system that effectively tracks your wedding process from leads right through to completion is amazing.
- Nathan & Breanna, Avodah Photography and Design

This program is just incredible! The contract, questionnaires, and other content is well-written, professional, and perfect for the mama business owners like me that need to get tasks done quickly!
- Bethanne, Bethanne Arthur Photography

Sign Up Bonuses! 
Receptions eCourse
(with purchase of 1 or 2 year plan) 
$249 value!

Learn to be an EXPERT at reception lighting and never have poorly lit event images ever again! 

This Master Class with Zach and Jody will help you overcome tricky lighting and give you total confidence in your low-light skills! 

Bonus Content
(with purchase of any plan) 
$249 value!

Over 25 bonus educational videos are included inside the ShootFlow system! 

These are designed to help you know the WHY behind the MasterFlow System that is proven to get you more leads and more sales with each shoot!

Save an extra 18%!
(with purchase of 1 or 2 year plan) 
Up To $87 value!

The more you buy the more you save! Buy a 1 or 2 year plan and get 1-3 months of ShootFlow for free! 

The next best thing to using ShootFlow is getting it for less, and the 1 and 2 year plans lock you in at a special rate that saves you money! 

Community Access
(with purchase of any plan) 

We have a powerful online group of ShootFlow users that all have the same goal - to build better brands and spend LESS time managing them! 

You can get full access to this group of incredible photographers who come from all walks of life and all use ShootFlow to help run their businesses. 

Full Benefits of ShootFlow
The PROVEN MasterFLow System
(over 70+ pre-built tasks!)

ShootFlow has an entire, proven workflow already built-in ready to use! Just add a new or existing client and it starts working automatically! It's everything you need to not only take care of each client, but generate continual referrals. 


Even though ShootFlow has a complete, functioning, proven workflow already built-in, you can easily edit a task, email or contract as it comes up, or edit the entire masterFlow at any time.

Custom Wedding Day Timelines

Do you spend too much time constructing the photography timeline for the wedding day and are you constantly worried that it may not allot enough shooting time? Utilizing your clients' unique questionnaire responses and best wedding day timeline practices, ShootFlow automatically builds a suggested timeline, allowing you to edit, proof and approve it with your bride with a few clicks of a button.

Simple Daily Interface

Never let software be confusing to look at or overwhelm you again. No more guessing what to do next for what client and when. ShootFlow only displays what needs to be done and the tools to complete the task directly from the home page. 

Bonus! Contracts & Payments

Sending contracts and taking payments is all built into the workflow, and full contracts, payment gates and digital e-signing is all included, already working and requires NO set-up! Send it off with a click of a button and once it's signed, ShootFlow lets you know to start a new ClientFlow!

Custom Contact Form

Embed ShootFlow's custom contact form on your site, which helps filter leads through ShootFlow's unique qualification system, enabling you to focus on the best potential clients.

Lead Integration

No longer will you have to manually add your leads into a system. New leads flow directly into ShootFlow's leadFlow system which guides you through the step-by-step process to turn them into a paying client.

A System for Lead Follow-Up

Increase your booking rate with ShootFlow's unique and simple step-by-step lead workflow designed to help you book more weddings, and to never have a lead fall through the cracks again.

Task Calendar

Use this feature to get a comprehensive look at all of your tasks and which days they fall on. Awesome-sauce for those who love to plan ahead.

30 Minute Set-Up!

Because ShootFlow is ready to use out of the box, it requires zero set-up to start using the workflow. Enter in your studio information, pricing (or use ShootFlow's) and you are ready to start managing clients! Simple as pie.

Bonus! All Email Templates Included

No longer wonder what to say, when to say it, or how to say it. ShootFlow gives you every single email you will ever need to send and they are automatically a part of each client's active workflow. Hours saved. You're welcome.

Vendor MarketingFlow

Never again forget to take care of your key vendors! Keep your vendors thinking about you, talking about you, and referring you with the simple, yet effective vendor connection reminders in the vendor marketingFlow.

Questionnaires with Power

Our custom-designed questionnaire gathers every essential piece of data you need from your bride & groom and puts that data back into ShootFlow automatically. Now you have every vendor's contact info with direct links to their phone numbers, social media accounts and addresses. It also gives you access to everyone else involved with the wedding so you can use the data to stay connected to your clients and their network.

Auto-Generating Shot Lists

Collecting the information from one of the Questionnaires your client receives, ShootFlow auto-populates your Bride & Groom's shot lists. The ShootFlow system even helps eliminate unnecessary photos.

Pricing Creation

Worried your pricing is designed incorrectly? At set-up, you can either enter your own pricing, or use the one provided by ShootFlow that is designed by pricing guru, Jared Bauman. Just put in your starting price point, and ShootFlow will create ALL of your suggested pricing for you that is PROVEN to sell. Packages or A La Carte pricing styles are included! 

Bonus! 25 Educational Videos

ShootFlow is here to help you make your wedding business better, and the educational videos by Zach & Jody Gray guide you through powerful tasks that will create a dynamic experience for your client that will pay dividends later on.

Oh, and ShootFlow does all that other stuff everyone else does too....

Vendor Contact Cards
Online E-signing

Accepts Credit Cards

Etc, etc, etc...

Brand Integration

Online Scheduling


Our Rock Solid 14 day money back guarantee! 

If you don't LOVE ShootFlow for any reason, we will give you your money back with no questions asked!
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